This Is Fats

Fats Domino

I'm not quite sure why this is included in the list of must-listen albums from the fifties.  To me, it sounds like fairly pedestrian, easy-going boogie-woogie.  "Blueberry Hill" is a classic tune, of course, and "Blue Monday" is nicely muscular.  But the rest is medium-paced R&B (in the fifties sense of rhythm and blues) without, to me, much to distinguish one track from another.

I guess it had more impact at the time.  Fats Domino had loads of hit singles and the breakthrough of a black man, playing very identifably black music, was an important one.  The fact that the music sounds so familiar is perhaps a measure of its influence.

If I'm in the mood for something very specifically like this, then this is probably as good as it gets.  But I can't see it being a mood I'm in often.

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