In Your Car


The perils of addictive substances - they just distort your judgement. I was all hyped up on mint Aeros and Wotsits last week and guided you wrong. It's too embarrassing.

I'm sober now. I can now safely inform you that nothing, but nothing, can beat the adrenaline rush of "In Your Car", which encapsulates and embodies the heady, hormone-fuelled excitement of adolescent sex like no other sound. "Give me a lift - I get so tired of walking" - oh, baby ... if only.

I guess everyone knows what Lauren Laverne is up to now - anyone know what the others are doing?


Phonefreak Honey

Sweet Jesus

It sounds like a collision of My Bloody Valentine and T. Rex, all wall-of-sound guitars, introspective vocals and pretty tunes. "Na-na-na-na naa naa" indeed ... they don't write lyrics like that any more.

This was single of the week in Melody Maker or NME sometime in the early nineties - and in the remainder bins a few weeks later, probably. Which is where I found it. Best 50p I ever spent. The fact that almost nobody appears to have heard of Sweet Jesus, let alone actually heard this song just makes me love it more. Loads of anorak points, surely?