Books 2009

Orpheus Rising by Bateman (2008)

Just Another Day by Adam Hart-Davis (2006)
The Melting Man by Victor Canning (1968)
Boiling A Frog by Christopher Brookmyre (2000)
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett (1990)


What Is Normal, Anyway?

I went to the library the other evening.  As I went in, a woman was standing at the counter venting to the long-suffering staff about something.  Because I walked in half way through, I don't know what her complaint was (I have a feeling she was annoyed at getting fined for returning books late), but I was in time to hear this pearl of wisdom:
"a normal person doesn't read more than one book a week"


"Orpheus Rising"

by Bateman

As I have mentioned previously, I am a big fan of Christopher Brookmyre and have read everything he has produced - often several times over.  So having exhausted those books, I turned to an author that I had heard is similar, Colin Bateman (although the "Colin" seems to be MiA recently, presumably for dubious marketing reasons).