Reading - February 2017

The Week (4 February 2017 / Issue 1110)
A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away by Christopher Brookmyre (2001)
I've lost count of how many times I've read this (or other Brookmyre books), but it still works for me - funny, thrilling and fantastically plotted.
The Week (11 February / Issue 1111)
Guitar & Bass (March 2017 / Vol 28 No 6)
The Week (18 February / Issue 1112)
The Week (25 February / Issue 1113)
Where Wizards Stay Up Late by Katie Hafner & Matthew Lyon (1996)
I bought this about 20 years ago, while working in the US. Its subtitle is "The Origins of the Internet", which explains the contents better than the main title, and it's a very thorough story about we got from the original, tiny Arpanet to what we had in 1996 - when the internet was just about starting to go mainstream. What's happened in the last 20 years could fill another book. Hopefully it would be a little less plodding than this one.

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