Reading - January 2016

Guitarist (February 2016 / Issue 403)
I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 by Douglas Edwards (2011)
A really interesting insight into Google transformation from startup to global force, The parallels with, say, Apple, are startling. Nothing in it disproves my basic theory about these organisations; they were lucky, lucky, lucky - staffed with enormously bright people and possessed of grand visions, but so were a hundred other startups you've never heard of. Not many of the high profile figures involved comes out well, I don't think. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have the arrogance born out of good luck and a failure to realise it. Marrisa Meyer has the same, plus a scheming, self-promoting character. I don't think Douglas Edwards intended the portrayals to be unsympathetic, but I have a low tolerance for this kind of pretension, which appears to be unique to highly intelligent, lucky people.
The Week (9 January 2016 / Issue 1055)
Wood & Steel (Autumn 2015)
Guitar & Bass (February 2016 / Vol 27 No. 5)
Recommendations in the guitar forum I frequent indicate that this is an interesting alternative to Guitarist - for "the more nerdy end of the guitar community" apparently. Well I'd classify myself as that. And Guitarist is getting a bit predictable. This is interesting and a good change, and has some different kit reviewed than the usual. I've now taken out a subscription.
The Week (16 January 2016 / Issue 1056)
Making Money by Terry Pratchett (2007)
The sequel/follow on to Going Postal sees the same main character, Moist von Lipwig, being put in charge of the Royal Mint and bank. Great fun to read as usual, with some points being made about money, people with money and so on, and some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments (memorably describing one character as being able to flounce "better than a fat turkey on a trampoline"), but somehow these feels a little insubstantial.
Legends of Tone: Fender (Guitarist special, 2015)
Super-glossy guitar porn about Fender's history, models, development etc. 
The Week (23 January 2016 / Issue 1057)
Guitar & Bass (January 2016 / Vol 27 No. 4)
End of year round up of best kit, some interesting reviews and a truly astonishing "reader's collection" of 80s synth guitars and other oddities. Bond Electraglide anyone?
The Week (30 January 2016 / Issue 1058)

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