Reading - February 2013

All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye by Christopher Brookmyre (2006)
The usual Brookmyre fun, satire and body count. Pure fantasy but beguilingly possible.
The Insider by Piers Morgan (2005)
A real insight into the world of the tabloids and highly recommended. Morgan is fairly unsparing on himself at times, although he is clearly very pleased with himself overall, and as a result only comes across as a bit of an arse. Some of the other characters - say, Murdoch or Rebekah Wade/Brooks - sound like complete wankers. But unmissable if you want to understand what makes the tabloids the way they are.
The Big Picture: Who Killed Hollywood? and other essays by William Goldman (2001)
Being a collection of articles written over several years makes this somewhat repetetetive. Nevertheless Goldman's insight into the industry is as keen as ever and it's fascinating to see him flag up future phenomenons - like Titanic - well ahead of time.
The Truth About Melody Browne by Lisa Jewell (2009)
Lisa Jewell is one of my favourite authors and this is a sweet book that tackles a potentially difficult and unpleasant subject in a light yet thought-provoking way.
Titanic And The Making Of James Cameron by Paula Parisi (1998)
An interesting insight into what I think is an astonishing film. Despite the way book attempts to portray Cameron as a driven genius, I think he mostly comes across as an arsehole. But maybe that's what it takes.
Alex II: Magnum Force by Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor (1989)
A nice light read of what was once one of the best comics around.

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