Reading - June 2022

The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett (1998)
The Rincewind books aren't my favourites as they often feel a bit directionless. There are lots of interesting ideas here that aren't quite explained properly, or at least that I didn't quite get. Unusually, the annotation (link above) don't help much here, so I'm left with the feeling that either there's some subtext I'm not getting (entirely possibly, subtext is not my thing), or the book is collection of slightly random ideas - which doesn't seem likely for Terry Pratchett. There's also the usual humour, in this case working with rather obvious Australian stereotypes, which I find gently amusing, but I do wonder what an Australian would think of it.
Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett (1998)
In which vampires appear with suddenly manifested super-powers and try to take over Lancre - which is where Granny Weatherwax lives. Despite being pretty sure how it's going to end (obviously Granny will sort everything out), there's some suspense. Decent level Pratchett (i.e. very good by anyone else's standards) but not particularly distinguished.

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