Reading - December 2016

Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett (1991)
Early Pratchett and more interested in comedy than the later, more satirical books - in this case, what would happen if Death took a holiday? A short and easy read, although the last sections are a little vague.
The Week (3 December 2016 / Issue 1102)
Guitar & Bass (January 2017 / Vol 28 No 4)
The Week (10 December 2016 / Issue 1103)
1971 - Never A Dull Moment: Rock's Golden Year by David Hepworth (2016)
An engaging, entertaining read, choc-full of interesting titbits and trenchant observations. Hepworth's main contentions are that a) 1971 was never-equalled golden year for rock music; and b) that it was the start of the modern era in rock, which therefore strengthens contention a even further. Despite his amusing assertion that 1971 is objectively the best year ever ("The difference is this: I'm right"), it's obviously subjective and while clearly great music was made in this year, much of it sounds dated, regardless of how good it is. Contrast that with some of the biggest records from a mere six years later, such as Aja or Rumours, neither of which sound as of their time in quite the same way.
The Week (17 December 2016 / Issue 1104)
Guitarist (January 2017 / Issue 415)
The Week (24 December 2016 / Issue 1105)
Haynes Explains Teenagers: Owners' Workshop Manual by Boris Starling (2016)
A slim, 34-page, 20 minute read, this joke "manual" about teenagers is a classic stocking filler. It makes me wonder what percentage of those bought are actually read, versus those just parked on a shelf. Anyway, amusing in places, a little stereotyped in others, but a nice little present and appreciated as such.

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