Reading - October 2015

Boiling A Frog by Christopher Brookmyre (2000)
Brookmyre skewers politicians (again). Comfort reading.
The Week (26 September 2015 | Issue 1041)
The Week (3 October 2015 | Issue 1042)
The Firm by John Grisham (1991)
More easy reading. A great story.
The Week (10 October 2015 | Issue 1043)
Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre (1996)
Oddly, despite loving Brookmyre's books (well, not the dull police ones he's doing now), I haven't read his first one for a long time. Not sure why - it's easily up to the same standard as most of the others.
The Week (17 October 2015 | Issue 1044)
Guitarist (November 2015 | Issue 400)
The Week (17 October 2015 | Issue 1044)
Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson (1990)
A minor classic, I would argue - so much more accessible than a legion of other books about the origin of English, yet equally informative. Ideally partnered with Made In America.
Rumpole a la Carte by John Mortimer (1995)
Jovial and jolly short stories. Great fun.

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