Reading - April 2015

The Illustrated Eric by Terry Pratchett and Josh Kirby(1990)
The usual - very funny in places, some satire, particularly of religion in this case. Rincewind isn't one of my favourite characters but this is at the usual standard.
The Week (4 April 2015 / Issue 1016)
The Week (11 April 2015 / Issue 1017)
Bedlam by Christopher Brookmyre (2013)
Just as enjoyable the second time round. Shades of The Matrix aside, there's some good ideas in here and an interesting side-line in the ethics surrounding what he calls "digital consciousness". And any Christopher Brookmyre is all right with me.
Which Lie Did I Tell? by William Goldman (2000)
Another read of the sequel to the wonderful Adventures In The Screen Trade (although bear in mind that Goldman himself says that, in the movies, sequels are whore's films - because they are always about the money). More about the craft of screen writing this time. Entertaining but could have been a little shorter.
Wood & Steel (Winter 2014 / Volume 81)
The most comprehensive advert I have ever seen. Taylor Guitars' in-house magazine - interesting but only designed to make you want to buy more guitars (and in this it has succeeded. I would love another Taylor.)
The Week (18 April 2015 / Issue 1018)
Le Freak by Nile Rodgers (2011)
I'm not normally a fan of biographies. However this was recommended and in this case the story is so unusual that it is quite an amazing read. And if Nile appears to be a little full of himself at times ... well, he's probably got good reason to be.
The Week (25 April 2015 / Issue 1019)

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