Reading - May 2014

Guitarist Guide To Amps by Michael Leonard (ed) (2014)
Somewhat lightweight and poorly edited special edition. Over-priced. Some interesting info but I should probably get a proper book about guitar amps.
The Week (3 May 2014 / Issue 969)
Guitarist (June 2014 / Issue 381)
The Stars Like Dust by Isaac Asimov (1951)
An early Asimov novel, yet instantly identifiable by the interesting plot, slightly clunky characterisation and lots and lots of talking. The final resolution - the finding of an inspiring, ancient document that turns out to be the US constitution - strikes me as unconvincing though, so it is interesting to read that Asimov thought so too, and only included it to satisfy an editor.
The Week (10 May 2014 / Issue 970)
The Big Short by Michael Lewis (2010)
Fascinating and depressing account of what led to the global recession in 2008, from the point of view of the few people who saw it coming. If you are dumb enough to believe that the free market should be allowed to be completely free, you need to read this.
The Week (17 May 2014 / Issue 971)
Mack The Life by Lee Mack (2012)
I'm not normally bothered about biographies, so, excellent title aside, I'm not sure why I picked this up. However, it proves to be an easy, amusing read and an interesting insight into the reality of one comedian's life - which is clearly (albeit obviously, when you think about it) harder work than it would seem.
The Week (24 May 2014 / Issue 972)
Guitarist (July 2014 / Issue 382)
Follow The Money by Steve Boggan (2012)
Amusing and charming high-concept travel book in which the author follows a ten dollar note around the US for a month. It was based on his original Guardian article (following a £10 note in London). Boggan obviously has the knack of getting to know people - or at least, he writes it that way!

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